Aloo Saag|Potato Leaves Fry with Prawns -Bengali Recipe

Have you ever had the opportunity to have authentic Potato Leaves in your state/place where you live? My maasi (aunt) lives in West Bengal, Kolkata and this time on my mom’s small request ,she genuinely ‘parceled’ potato leaves (aloo saag) plucked straight from her own farm where she grows all types of different leafy-vegetables on her own, that’s just because I wanted to have ‘Aloo Saag’ from Kolkata and she always sends homegrown leafy vegetables from her farm – sent especially for me since I love having greens on my plate. In Mumbai, we do not get to buy Aloo Saag , its unfortunately not available here and so this time we took this opportunity to blog this recipe and also make an exclusive video on this delicious recipe for you. Honestly, guys it shocks me to see that there’s hardly any recipe that you can find on the internet on ‘Aloo Saag” and most of the people misinterpret this recipe but here it is the most authentic recipe of ‘Potato Leaves- Aloo Saag’ you can ever find on the internet.

Bhapa Ilish Shorshe Diye | Steamed Hilsa in Mustard Paste (Bengali Fish Recipe)

meet hilsa (Ilish), the beloved fish that connects Bengali to its root every once a year. Despite its widespread popularity, fresh hilsa comes at a very high price due to its naturally oily texture and its rich, tender flesh. In fact, fresh hilsa can cost upto 1800-2000 rupees a kilo. Also, what’s the mark of a good catch? It says, “the more bones hilsa has, the tastier it is” but, then good luck with trying to remove the nearly-invisible bones that this fish has, its crazy seeing how Bengali’s are so patient with this particular fish that has gazillions of fish bones in it but then after all, at the end of everything it all comes down to its heavenly delicious taste that is cooked in mustard and curd paste that adds rich and the perfect sharp pungent flavor to your dish for your morning lunch while its drizzling outside . A very rich and popular Bengali recipe of cooking Hilsa is Bhapa Ilish when cooked with curd, green chilies, mustard oil and mustard seeds, its combined flavor adds a very powerful and strong pungent flavor and aroma which is so powerful that it can make your tummy thunder in hunger and make you forget all your pain while you enjoy relishing this cuisine on the dining table! No Kidding!

Dimer Kalia – Bengali Spicy Egg Curry Recipe

“Dimer Kalia” or spicy egg curry is an authentic Bengali cuisine originated in the eastern state of India, West Bengal . The recipe is cooked in rich gravy with whole garam masala, red chili powder and onions which plays a very vital role in defining this recipe also it gives a very rich aromatic flavor to your taste buds. The eggs are cut into halves and shallow fried in a pan and later cooked in a rich masala gravy that finally makes the perfectly delicious “Spicy Egg Curry” recipe.

Niramish Aloo Potoler Rasa|Aloo Parwal Veg Curry Recipe (Bengali Style)

“Aloo Potoler Rasa” is a very common and famous Bengal recipe, this recipe is very delicious if, you are planning to go vegetarian it’s a must have recipe to taste then. The curry “rasa” is very rich and spicy in its flavor, the Potols and Aloos (pointed gourd and Potatoes) are properly fried in a heated oil before cooking in a thick gravy and served hot with rice, luchi, parathas or (moodi for breakfast)

Ghugni – a Bengali snack you can’t deny!

In Kolkata along with all the mouth watering street food , ‘Ghugni’ is a very popular snack item in Bengal , Orissa; and in Bihar it is called “ghughri”. Wait let’s not just consider Ghugni as an unhealthy street food now because If you are, then you are getting me all wrong !! Ghugni is one of the healthiest , hygenic and spiciest veg snack you can ever enjoy in Kolkata. Just like we Mumbaikars have our famous fast food vada pav and pani puri , the Bengalis have Ghugni , Chicken Mughlai , Chowmein(noodles) , phuchka(pani-puri) and so on….