Bhindi Do Pyaza | Restaurant Style Bhindi Do Pyaza | Simple Vegetarian Recipe

“Bhindi Do Pyaza” a very simple & unique recipe of making Bhindi with just a little bit of extra onions than usual. The word “Do” means two or double and “Pyaza” or “Piaza” means onions. This means that the onions are added twice in the recipe or double the amount of onions are included while making this recipe.

Spicy Paneer Kolhapuri Recipe -Maharashtrian Style Paneer Curry

Paneer Kolhapuri is a lip-smacking delicious Paneer curry recipe cooked with lots and lots of different vegetables and spices in a thick, rich and spicy gravy and served hot with Rotis, Naans or Chapatis. Also, it is a very healthy recipe. If, you’re more into eating vegetables to keep yourself fit and fine then this delicious and lip-smacking recipe is just made for you.

Paneer Pulao Recipe -Restaurant Style Veg Pulao (Shravan Special)

A very subtle and straight forward recipe to cook on any day when you just want to go clean on eating chicken and fish but also want something deliciously fine and light on your plate, That’s when Paneer Pulao (Pilaf) comes into picture. The green vegetables and paneer eventually makes this dish not only delicious but also very healthy as well. also we like to pair this dish with very simple homemade fresh dahi (curd) or Dal Fry. So here we go….